Bank Mizuho Indonesia Financial Group

The business strategy of BMI Financial Group is to provide customer with various, convenient and satisfactory services through its efficient and specialized distribution (banking business) and manufacturing (non-banking business). Furthermore, it will make continuous efforts to diversify business lines to become a leading financial group with a high stature and competitiveness in the world.

  • Bank Mizuho Indonesia Financial Group, as the first civilian-controlled financial holding company in Korea, was established on the basis of Bank Mizuho Indonesia Bank, BMI Capital and BMI Investment Management.
  • Since its foundation, it has taken the lead in Korean financial industry by continuously attempting changes and innovations and has also taken the leap to become one of the representative financial groups in Korea within a short time.
  • As of the end of March 2017, it holds 12 subsidiaries across the financial industry including bank, credit card, securities, insurance, asset management, lease and financial consulting. It is also listed to both Korea Exchange (KRX) and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).